Python hosting

Deploy and run Python apps in the cloud

Python app workflow


Pick a your preferred deployment method. We support FTP upload and git deployment. While git deployment provides more features, FTP upload is easier to start with.


Review app metrics to manage your Python app's CPU and memory usage. Metrics let you decide if it's time to upgrade your plan or launch more processes.


Easily scale your app through our web dashboard by launching more app instances with our stateless architecture designed to provide high availability.

Features designed for developers

Free MongoDB

You get a free MongoDB database with every plan. We run a 3 member replica set with a primary, secondary and a backup member so that your data is always protected.


WebSockets are supported out of the box. Run your favorite chat apps, REST API, games or event-driven workflows over a single TCP connection without having to use long polling.

FTP Access

Conveniently upload your app over FTP or FTP with TLS/SSL. No need to learn git commands to deploy your app. Once a file is uploaded we automatically rebuild your app to deploy the most recent version.

Application Logs

Use logs to detect bugs or to debug a pressing issue with your app. Everything that your app prints to stdout or stderr is logged and available to you via our web console.

Free SSL Certificate

Get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt for all your domains with most of our plans. The SSL certificate can be deployed with just few clicks and is renewed automatically before the expiration.


Too much traffic? Easily scale the resources from our web console by upgrading your plan. Additional resources are available to you immediately after the upgrade so that you can handle all the traffic.

Web Console

Manage your app easily from the web browser. Our web console provides features to help you get up and running and to monitor and manager your app during its lifecycle.


Monitor usage of CPU and memory directly from the web console. All apps get access to their resource usage report over the last weeks to discover if it's time for upgrade.

Load Balancing

Incoming traffic is automatically routed across all running processes to spread load and provide higher throughput needed to serve requests.

Background Jobs

Background jobs help you run a scheduled job without blocking your app's process. Simply create a separate process and run the job in background.

Custom Domains

Assign unlimited number of custom domains to your app. We even support wildcard subdomains which route traffic to your app from any subdomain on your main domain.

git Deployment

Push changes to your app easily through git deployment. During the push we automatically install all dependencies and restart the application for you.

Friendly support

Reach out to us if you need assistance with our platform. We'll be happy to help with configuration or app issues.

30-day money back guarantee

If you're not amazingly happy let us know and we'll give you a full refund up to 30–days after your purchase.

Home in Europe

We're based in Europe with servers located in Europe and United States so that all customers can enjoy low latency to their applications.

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