Node.js modules installation


If your project has a package.json file, we will install the dependencies listed in this file as part of the deployment process. Please note that we use the production flag with npm (npm install --production) which means that the dependencies listed under devDependencies are not installed. In case you'd like to install dependencies listed in devDependencies, they need to be moved to dependencies field of package.json

Installation process

When you deploy your app via git deployment the modules are installed installed at the end of the deployment process.

In case you use FTP deployment, during the restart of your app we detect if any changes have been uploaded and trigger rebuild of your app. At the end of the rebuild process we install all modules listed in package.json.

Modules cache

We cache modules installed from package.json so that any consequent builds are faster. In case you would like to disable the cache, you can set environment variable MODULES_CACHE=0 for your app which will disable the cache for future builds.