Python quick start

Getting started

We provide an example of Python app through GitHub to help you get started. It demonstrates how to deploy a basic Django based Python application to EvenNode.

First create a new Python application through our web console. In the settings of the app, set the "Startup command" to gunicorn gettingstarted.wsgi
This will ensure that the app starts correctly.

Now clone the example app's repository to your local machine

$ git clone
$ cd python-getting-started

After the app is checked out use FTP deployment or git deployment to deploy the code to our servers. Please note that if you used FTP deployment it's neccessary to restart the app through the web console.

You can now navigate to your app's URL which can be found in the app's information screen in the web console and you will see the app running and serving content.

App checklist

When deploying a Python app, make sure to:

  • Listen on IP
  • Listen on port as defined in environment variable PORT
  • Define your dependencies in requirements.txt